What is YAQL

YAQL is a general purpose query language, that is designed to operate on objects of arbitrary complexity. YAQL has a large standard library of functions for filtering, grouping and aggregation of data. At the same time YAQL allows you to extend it by defining your own functions.


So why bother and create another solution for a task, that has been addressed by many before us? Obviously because we were not satisfied with flexibility and/or quality of any existing solution. Most notably we needed a tool for json data, that would support some complex data transformations. YAQL is a pure-python library and therefore is easily embeddable in any python application. YAQL is designed to be human-readable and has a SQL-like feel and look. It is inspired in part by LINQ for .NET. Since YAQL is extensible and embeddable it makes a perfect choice for becoming the basis for your DSLs.